VIP Lingam Massage at Studio Mirage

Vip Massage Mirage

VIP Lingam Massage 60 min. 100 €

Anal / prostate massage or touch the lady on request please

What is the special massage experience on this couch?

Close your eyes, surrender yourself. Soon you will no longer know what is happening to you. The hands that caress your body can no longer be located in your imagination, they seem to come from everywhere. The reason for this is the special design of the couch, which allows the masseuse every conceivable access to your body.

And while the spatial dimensions gradually dissolve into your head, while you are no longer sure whether the lady is standing behind you, in front of you or beside you, an indescribable feeling of closeness and intimacy sets in. The extraordinary journey ends with a climax that you would never have dared to imagine in such intensity before. Guaranteed

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