Tantra Massage at Studio Mirage

Tantra Massage Mirage


90 min. 200 €

The tantra massage makes this particularly clear. It is not for nothing that one speaks of the tantric art of touch. However, it only works if the guest is willing to let go, if he develops trust and is determined to let go of the worries of everyday life. To make this easier for him, I start with a ritual that is always the same and looks like this:

At the beginning of our meeting you have the opportunity to ask me questions, which I answer as honestly as possible. The conversation takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, with quiet music and candlelight, wrapped in the noble scent of exquisite incense candles.

After the shower we meet again. We carry nothing more than a light cloth around our hips. This is the actual welcome ceremony. We hold hands before I begin to welcome you. My gently searching hands explore your entire body, which finally leads to a deep embrace. Now you have arrived, now you are ready to be silent with me and breathe in the same rhythm for a few minutes.

Then lie on your stomach and close your eyes. Surrender yourself completely to your sensation. Enjoy my caresses, enjoy the touch of feathers on your skin, of soft brushes or a silk scarf running over your back.

Slowly, very slowly and tenderly, I use my hands, which more and more often ask for your intimate area. Do not be surprised when my body nestles up against you, when I radiate my warmth on you and into you. Only now the actual oil massage follows, with which we reach the happy end in peace, but with devotion and passion.

An experience that you will never forget and that hopefully brings you back to me …

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